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Geometric Colorblock Neon Wedding Suite

As seen on Oh So Beautiful Paper

I loved that Kate and Alec were inspired by literature and film and visual arts when planning their Brooklyn wedding. The list of influences they gave me when we started our project included Frank Stella, Alejandro Jodorowski, Luis Barragan, among others. I looked through all these inspirational cues and began to get excited about the colors and shapes in Barragan’s work. This led me to this modern, neon, color blocked letterpress printed wedding invitation.

Since they were collecting their RSVPs online, we were able to put all of their information on one card. Dropping the reply card allowed us to add a third color to the main card for a lot of added impact.We letterpress printed three colors (a teal, “millennial” pink, and a fluorescent highlighter yellow) strategically overlapped to create six colors overall.The type was knocked out from the color blocks to reveal the colors below.

To make the invitation feel more fleshed out as a package, we added an envelope liner to a light pink envelope and a hand lettered vellum top sheet.