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Booth building for dummies

We have trade show booth walls! A billion thanks to John (and my dad) (and his dad) for figuring out how to build this thing, and then building it.

Knowing that we would be using it again, we opted to build our own booth walls for the National Stationery Show instead of renting foam walls. We’ll be driving it out this year in a trailer, but our walls break down to  5′ x 5′ squares in case we decide to ship a crate in the future.

Our booth measures 8′ x 10′, so each wall consists of 4 4′ squares and the back wall is 4 5′ squares.We used plywood to keep it lightweight, adding a wooden frame to each one, creating a shallow box. The corners are hinged together and then the pieces are bolted together from behind.

We painted the side walls black and the back wall white, then I painted our logo in white on the black wall.

Now the new problem is, where to keep this thing until the show ¯\_(ツ)_/¯