Oh, Baby!


HUGE news. We’re having a baby!

We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled/terrified to announce that we have our first baby on the way, due in early November. As you can imagine, we’ve got some major changes ahead. So long, wine, sushi and deli meats. Goodbye guest room, hello nursery.

And what does this mean for AHWA? So far, not much. I’ve been taking a few more naps that usual, and not working as many late evenings, but for the most part our workload and schedule haven’t yet been affected. However, we are slowly cutting back on the amount of new projects that we take on, so that by mid-Fall we’ll be tapering off and I’ll be taking the winter off for maternity leave.

"Whoa Mama" Letterpress Card- And Here We Are

The bigger change might actually be on John’s side, as he is considering taking on a day job (working for ourselves is awesome, but the benefits aren’t too hot). That’ll leave me to manage the day-to-day around here, while John continues to support AHWA from the wings. So, if that happens, the plan is to “pivot” AHWA more into the retail/wholesale area and cut back a bit on custom clients (don’t worry- I’ll still take on as many as I can handle!). This will allow me to work a little bit more on my own timeline while we figure out our new rhythm. And, we’ll likely be taking on some part-time help in the months to come.

"Oh, Baby" Letterpress Print - And Here We Are

The comforting thing is that we are not by a long shot the first co-working couple to attempt this whole family thing, which gives us faith that it is, in fact, doable.

Please bear with us in this awesome, fun, terrifying, exciting time!


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