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It’s been a long time coming — we here at And Here We Are have some big, exciting news.

For the last few months, Meghan and I have been toiling over our brand and our web presence. As you might have already noticed we’ve updated both! Plus a bit of personal news. All the details below…



Fresh out of the Cooper Union’s Extended Type Design program with a boatload of new skills and tricks, Meghan couldn’t resist updating the AHWA logo. Our previous iteration of the logo was created prior to John’s joining the company, and felt a little too ‘delicate’ for our new direction — plus we’re both really into brush script these days. We kept the general layout of the type, and updated the lettering style (through many, many sheets of tracing paper), and several rounds of digitization.



NEW SITE 1.0 served us well, but out with the old and in with the new. We decided to scrap the old site completely and rebuild it from the ground up. After creating and designing a full set of  wireframes, our developer Garrett Gardner took to building us a spec platform and backend for the new site. A clean and responsive site was our priority and after landing on our final design, Garrett helped us fully realize our vision without compromising functionality.

Some other designer-y details — we used Freight Display Pro (Black) for our “giant” headers, Alternate Gothic No.3 D for our subheads and links, and Tisa Pro as our workhorse serif for paragraphs and body copy. The hints of gold and mint green in the color palette are throwbacks to AHWA 1.0 and makes us feel nice. The code itself is really neat, there’s a bunch of things like <stuff> and website: awesome; and <!–[if IE 6]> <jump off=’bridge’> <![endif]–>

Freight Display

Alternate Gothic No. 3 D

Tisa Pro

Our good friend, photographer Matthew Carbone, helped us with some of the site’s key imagery. Matt came to the studio in August with his amazing medium format setup and we got busy. After paying him in Vinnie’s Pizza and cheap beer, his overhead shots of our workspace(s) helped us inject some personality into the site. Now here’s some process GIFs!

Homepage Hero


About Page Bios



Finally, a bit of personal news. As some of you already know, we sadly lost our dog Perry several months ago. After a rough summer, we decided it was time to get back into the “dog game,” which brings us to some happier news…

Meet our newest addition to the AHWA family — Martha. Lil’ Martha is a 3 month old [hound + who knows] mix from the great state of Ohio. We rescued her from an amazing shelter (League for Animal Welfare) in Cincinnati while visiting family over Labor Day weekend. Currently, she enjoys biting things, nipping at things, and chomping things. As an intern, Martha will be responsible for overall office management, internal/outgoing marketing communications, and naps.


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