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Cincinnati’s American Sign Museum


Last week I was in Cincinnati visiting my family. While we were there, we visited what I think is my favorite museum ever (and that’s saying a LOT)… the American Sign Museum. We were lucky enough to show up just as the owner himself was starting the tour, so we learned more than I ever […] Read More >


Local Letters


Not sure what this sign used to say, but there’s something fun and beautiful about these falling letters in East Williamsburg: Read More >


Local Lettering: The City Reliquary


I’ve been living in north Brooklyn for about 5 years, and FINALLY stopped into the City Reliquary this weekend. It’s a weird, cool, teeny-tiny little storefront museum in Williamsburg with an awesome hand-painted sign on the front door that’s always totally intrigued me. Inside there are all kinds of old (ranging from the antique to […] Read More >


Local Lettering


I have no idea what this says (it’s in Polish), but I pass this sign every day and am in love with it. Read More >


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