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Local Letters: Barcelona Edition


We recently spent a week in Spain, visiting Barcelona for 4 days before heading up into the mountains to watch some of our best friends get married! Of course, I spent about 85% of the time looking at and photographing type and signage (sorry John!), of which there was no shortage. Here are SOME of […] Read More >


Local Letters: Lisbon


In 2011, we spent our honeymoon in Lisbon, Portugal, and then the Algarves in South Portugal. I was recently digging around in the photos from our trip and realized that I have a treasure trove of typography snaps that I’ve never shared. Read More >


Local Letters: Montreal Edition


We spent the holidays in Montreal, Canada, and (as usual) I couldn’t help but take about a million pictures of lettering and type that I found all around the city. We spent the majority of our time in the Plateau and Old Montreal neighborhoods, which as you can imagine produced very different types of letters. […] Read More >


Fête Paradiso on Governor’s Island


Over the weekend, John and I finally made it over to Governor’s Island to ride bikes and check out the Fête Paradiso, an awesome collection of vintage 18th- and 19th-century French carnival rides, such as carousels, flying swings and a pipe organ– and just chock-full of amazingly painted letters and characters. All of the workers […] Read More >


Local Letters


Carmine’s Pizza, here in Greenpoint, has these awesome wedge-shaped letters that are so fun. Read More >


Local Lettering: West Falmouth


This sign lives in the West Falmouth grocery store near my grandparents’ house in Cape Cod, and has been there for as long as I can remember. Read More >


Local Lettering


There’s this great sign in Flatiron. A quick Yelp search tells me that this is actually a pretty naughty place (yikes!!!!!) Either way, I really like this script. Read More >


Local Lettering


Always been intrigued with this doorway near my local Post Office in Greenpoint: Read More >


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