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Process: What is Letterpress Printing, Exactly?


We love, live and breathe letterpress printing at And Here We Are, and it’s a huge part of our business. But many of you might be wondering, just what is letterpress, exactly? What makes it so different from other kinds of printing, and why is it so special? VIDEO enclosed! Read More >


Our @VioletWedding Takeover and Interview


This week we’ve taken over Violet’s instagram feed, with several videos and images of the different types of processes that go into our work. Read More >


Sign Painting and Digital Lettering Workshops


Earlier this month I went back to NYC for the first-ever Typographics conference, and I took two lettering workshops at the Cooper Union while I was there. Read More >




Been sketching a lot of cats lately and I can’t seem to stop. These guys will probably become posters and cards, and maybe also a pattern for wrapping paper or something. Read More >


It’s All in the Details: Personalized Wax Seals


Customized wax seals: small details with big impacts. When John and I were making our own wedding invitations, we designed a custom wax seal depicting my home state (and wedding location) of Ohio. Little did we know that that small detail would soon turn into the humblest beginnings of And Here We Are. After the […] Read More >


Sneak Peek: Watercolor + Gold Signage


Today I’m working on some hand painted gold leaf — actually, here I’m using liquid gild — 8×10 signs for our clients’ wedding décor, and later to live in their home! We did some on a hand-painted watercolor background (like their wedding invitations & save the dates), and some on a dark purple paper. I […] Read More >


It’s All in the Details: Watercolor and Letterpress


We’ve had a lot of requests lately for watercolor backgrounds with our custom letterpress and/or foil stamped artwork, which is awesome because it happens to be one of our favorite combinations of techniques. A watercolor wash makes each individual piece unique, and adds a layer of texture and color that really brings a “wow!”factor to […] Read More >


One Hour Lettering


For the past few months, we’ve been working with the insanely talented Chaz Cruz of Chaz Cruz Photography, making title cards for some of his wedding compilations. We worked out a system where, after each wedding he finishes, he sends us some photos and a little about the couple, and then I allow myself one […] Read More >


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