Shhh: Sneak Peeks {Shop}


As we wind down on some of our bigger commissioned projects for the year (and before we wind up on some huge projects for next year), we are taking some time to catch up on the back log of things we’ve had in the queue for our own Shop for quite a while- this means […] Read More >


It’s All in the Details: Personalized Wax Seals


Customized wax seals: small details with  big impacts. When John and I were making our own wedding invitations, we designed a custom wax seal depicting my home state (and wedding location) of Ohio. Little did we know that that small detail would soon turn into the humblest beginnings of And Here We Are. After the […] Read More >


Sneak Peek: Watercolor + Gold Signage


Today I’m working on some hand painted gold leaf — actually, here I’m using liquid gild — 8×10 signs for our clients’ wedding décor, and later to live in their home! We did some on a hand-painted watercolor background (like their wedding invitations & save the dates), and some on a dark purple paper. I […] Read More >