Big, Big News!


We promised some big news in 2015, but neither of us expected this to happen so fast.

We just bought a house in Columbus, Ohio! We move in a month (gulp).

How’d this happen?!?, you ask? Well, we’d been looking for a while at condos and co-ops home here in Brooklyn or Queens, but the offerings weren’t so hot. The more we looked, the more we started to realize that we really wanted a yard for Martha, a big in-home studio, and a letterpress of our own (we currently rent our presses). So, we started thinking seriously about leaving the city. Besides, after almost 10 years in NYC, we were ready for a big change.

Originally upstate New York (mountains!) and Long Island (waves!) were on the table, but eventually we added proximity to family and friends into our priority list. Since Meg’s family is in Cincinnati, and she went to school in Columbus, we’ve spent a lot of time in Ohio over the years and always really enjoyed it there. The cost of living is so much more conducive to creativity. And some of our friends in the Columbus area have also been doing really cool things lately — like opening a brewery. We’re excited to join the large, but tight-knit community of  small businesses that have helped Columbus enter into its creative renaissance (hat tip to Jeni’s, Homage, and others).

So we started looking, and fell in love. Before we knew it, we’d bought a house. Our new/old house (built 1910) is in the Harrison West neighborhood near downtown Columbus. It has a big, bright studio off of the back, with plenty of room for  our brand new/old (1961) Vandercook SP-15. We can’t wait to get out there and get weird.

Thanks in advance for your patience in our transition. We will try to make it as smooth and quick as possible, and setting up our new studio will be our first priority. We’ll continue to work with our amazing our local vendors here in New York, as we set up our own letterpress studio in Columbus and make new contacts in the midwest.

Here’s to new adventures!


John & Meghan


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